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Cuban Sunrise No. 1

Guama, Cuba February 2012

Water and edge

The Edge

Brighton, East Sussex, U.K., July 2010

Wonderful and romantic sunset at Calais Harbour with it's lighthouse.

Calais Harbour Sunset

Calais, France, July 2010

Closeup image of a seagull

Seagull portrait

Another try of a portrait-style animal photo. This image was also taken during our trip to Southengland. The seagull was sitting on a wall at Brightons promenade and seemed to enjoy posing for my photos.

Photo of a swan at night, swimming in a lake. The water shows a reflection of a swam.

Night swan

I took this photo of the swan a few days ago at the lake in Colognes Blücherpark. The photo was taken at day, with very bright and direct sunlight, which messed up the colors and the white areas. This made it impossible to use the … Read More


Duck Tales – photofriday.com challenge winner

This photo is a voted winner of the photofriday.com challenge!!! Thankx everyone! Been out to take photos of some young ducks close to our home. There a two mothers with 6 and 7 baby ducks each in this lake. An old lady told me, that … Read More

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