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Street Dog

Zandvoort, The Netherlands, May 2011

Image shows the freaky audience of Pukkelpop 2010

Audience Pukkelpop 2010

One more photo taken at Pukkelpop 2010. Hope this gives an impression of the audience. Sometimes the crowd becomes the star ;-) (Note: This is just another Canon S90 compact cam shot)

Old man coming home and passing a tattoo studio

Coming home

Just another street scene from Southengland again.

Two elder people sitting on british sea during cloudy weather.

The English love their weather

English people seem to be tough guys, in particular if it comes to weather. Even a typical british (=cloudy) sky won’t keep ‘em away from spending a day at beach. By the way: the next day was almost the same weather and the couple was … Read More

Girl at a beach with a small house. Retro crossprocessing / polaroid style.

Beach House Girl

This photo was taken at the beach in Juist. Again I tried some retro / polaroid simulation. It’s a kind of s small personal tribute to the art and work of Stephanie Schneider, which work I really adore (not a 100% copy of the style). … Read More