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Sign showing the words festival vertragen

Festival vertragen

This sign at the road to Pukkelpop is dutch/flemish and I guess it’s original meaning is “festival taking place” (but I am not 100 % sure, maybe someone can translate it to me). The funny thing is, in german exactly the same words mean something … Read More

Girls carrying around a big showers sing in the crowd of Pukkelpop 2010

Showers at Pukkelpop 2010

Festival rule no. x: It’s always good to have a shower close to you. Even in front of the main stage. (Note: This is just another Canon S90 compact cam shot)

Moving crowd at the Pukkelpop 2010 festival

Moving crowd Pukkelpop

Scenes from the pit: Got the crowd dancing. (Note: This is just another Canon S90 compact cam shot)

Night photo with impressive light show at Pukkelpop 2010

Light & Show & Audience at Pukkelpop

Lights, Camera & Action you crazy crowd !!! The band performing behind this wall of light is Queens of the Stone Age (Note: This is just another Canon S90 compact cam shot)


Biffy Clyro Pukkelpop

Scotish rock band Biffy Clyro performing live at Pukkelpop 2010. (Note: This is just another Canon S90 compact cam shot)

Jesus & the two DJs of Pukkelpop 2010 petit bazar

Jesus & DJs at Pukkelpop

This image was taken at the Petit Bazar area of the Pukkelpop 2010 festival, where the bizzare and weird happens. Here you see Jesus with his two DJ’s. Photo was taken again with my Canon S90 compact.

Two promo Coca Cola promo girls at Pukkelpop festival 2010

Coke side of life / Live at Pukkelpop

Two wonderful Coca Cola girls at the fantastic Pukkelpop 2010 festival in Belgium. This is the start of a mini-series of Pukkelpop 2010 festival and rock’n'roll photos … By the way: this festival was the first time I used my new and handy Canon S90 … Read More