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Black and white photo of couple dancing charleston

Charleston Dancers No. 1

Broadstairs, Kent, U.K., July 2010

Bee closeup photo, sitting on a plant

Bee here today

I got a close up lens as a birthday present last week. It’s a Marumi Achromat +3 and I use it with my Canon 70 – 200 4L. I found it quite difficult to use macro stuff, as you need very good light (or a … Read More

Photo of a swan at night, swimming in a lake. The water shows a reflection of a swam.

Night swan

I took this photo of the swan a few days ago at the lake in Colognes Blücherpark. The photo was taken at day, with very bright and direct sunlight, which messed up the colors and the white areas. This made it impossible to use the … Read More

Portrait of a circus elephant in black & white

Elephant portrait

Black & white portrait of a circus elephant. I really like the circus – it always has great options for nice photos. Unfortunatly I don’t like how they treat animals – I think an elephant should absolutley not be carried around europe in a van! … Read More

Boy with elephant in front of circus

Circus life

Oh, this circus life. Traveling, performing, living with the wild beast… What a joy – what a drag Oh, this circus life. This is photo is my entry for the blipfoto Unstaged 2010 competition The Theatre of everyday life


Duck Tales – photofriday.com challenge winner

This photo is a voted winner of the photofriday.com challenge!!! Thankx everyone! Been out to take photos of some young ducks close to our home. There a two mothers with 6 and 7 baby ducks each in this lake. An old lady told me, that … Read More