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Festival vertragen

This sign at the road to Pukkelpop is dutch/flemish and I guess it’s original meaning is “festival taking place” (but I am not 100 % sure, maybe someone can translate it to me). The funny thing is, in german exactly the same words mean something like “to bear/tollerate the festival” or “to get along with the festival / or with someone during the festival”. So I would say it’s a very sensible roadsign in both languages.

This is last image of the Pukkelpop series and finally I also want to say “Ich habe das Festival vertragen”.

(Note: This is just another Canon S90 compact cam shot)


  1. Kristof
    Posted 8 Sep ’10 at 19:21 | Permalink


    Nice pics. The correct meaning of this sign is ‘Festival, Slow Down!’, as a reminder to drivers.
    The german word ‘vertragen’ idd means ‘to bear’, the flemish version of ‘to bear’ is verDragen’, with a D.

  2. rootradical.com
    Posted 8 Sep ’10 at 22:43 | Permalink

    Thanks alot for this translation Kristof!
    I would have never expected this meaning of the flemish word “vertragen”.